Why I’m standing for the GLA

Why I am standing for selection as your greater London Assembly candidate

Barnet and Camden should always be a Labour GLA seat.

The Conservatives should never have been allowed to win it- especially with Brian Coleman as the GLA member, the man with no shame.

When we take this seat from them, it will be a victory second only to winning the mayoralty for Ken from Boris Johnson

Labour must give ourselves the best possible chance of beating the Conservatives in May 2012. This means having the candidate who is most likely to win for Labour.  I believe I am that candidate.

I have the political experience, recognition and campaigning record that will give us a head start in the fight to come. I know Brian Coleman, his weaknesses and his (few) strengths, and how to take him on. I can take support from his core voters, many of whom acknowledge the good job I did as one of Barnet’s MPs.

I am the candidate Brian Coleman fears the most: that’s why he has already started campaigning against me!

So I hope I can count on your support in the selection contest and after that as your Labour candidate to win Barnet and Camden for Labour, providing a springboard for the next General Election and the return of a Labour Government.

Andrew Dismore