Dismore backs anti blacklist campaign in Barnet


Andrew Dismore, Labour London Assembly member for Camden and Barnet joined protesters outside Hendon Town Hall today, to protest against the bid by BAM Nuttal/Construction for council contracts to build schools in the Borough (photo attached).

Mr Dismore said:

“In this day and age blacklisting workers because they have belonged to trades unions is outrageous. This is particularly so, when they have been dismissed for raising legitimate health and safety concerns. It is unfair when someone has participated in trades union activity to find that not only are they thrown out of work just because of that,  but they are unable to find further employment because of their trades union activity. This is a clear breach of their human rights in that those concerned are given no opportunity to defend themselves or put their point of view fairly. I fully support Unite the Union’s campaign against this appalling practice.

Contracts for big construction projects should not be awarded to known blacklisting companies.”