Formal response to Crossrail 2 Consultation

Dear Michèle,


Please consider this letter to be my formal response to the current consultation on Crossrail 2. I understand that The London Borough of Camden will respond to the consultation and will address a range of issues including your proposals at Tottenham Court Road. I would like to highlight here my main concerns in relation to Euston Station and St. Pancras Station.


Due to the uncertainty over the redevelopment of the current Network Rail station and lack of a comprehensive plan for Euston Station, TfL have identified work sites on the eastern side of Eversholt Street. The buildings that occupy these two sites include over 130 homes, 17 business premises and community facilities. The demolition of these properties and the associated impacts of construction on neighbouring property represent an unacceptable level of upheaval and disruption to the local community.


A large proportion of this impact is unnecessary and could be avoided by re-locating the proposed Crossrail 2 station entrance to a site within Euston station. This location would also be more effective than in reducing passenger congestion on the Victoria Line and Northern Line.


These proposals have been described as the ‘worst-case scenario’ and a ‘snapshot’ of current progress. I hope that there remains scope for them to change before the final requirements of the scheme are established. I am sure then that you will welcome the assurances given to London Borough of Camden by the Secretary of State for Transport as a result of a hard fought campaign opposing the HS2 Bill currently before Parliament. These assurances include the setting up of a Euston Station Strategic Redevelopment Board that will oversee the integration of the delivery of Crossrail 2 with the HS2 Euston station, the rebuild of the Euston Mainline Station, and site development in line with the Euston Area Plan.


I am encouraged by the commitment to integrating Crossrail 2 into the proposed redevelopment of Euston Station. I hope that this provides you with the opportunity to review your proposals and significantly reduce the impact on residents and businesses in the Euston area, as well as to deliver a better transport solution.


I support the proposal to locate a station entrance and ticket hall within St Pancras station and to link to Thameslink platforms, subject to due sensitivity in the detailed design to the heritage significance of the Grade 1 listed station building. The siting of this entrance adjacent to Midland Road supports the feasibility of a pedestrian route that would use Phoenix Road/Brill Place to link the three major rail termini of Euston, St. Pancras and Kings Cross. The design development of the station entrance and the associated public realm and pedestrian crossing points will have a role to play in delivering this improved pedestrian access and forming a legible ‘gateway’ to the eastern end of this route.


Finally, should these matters be favorably resolved, with regard to the terminus in New Southgate some residents further up the line in Oakleigh Park and New Barnet have requested a feasibility study to be done on extending the line to make New Barnet the terminus. I would like to see what that might entail in terms of cost and impact. There should be full consultation with residents in the area were this to be seriously examined.


I look forward to seeing how you have changed your plans after reading the representations you have received from Camden Council, Transport for London, local residents and myself.


Yours sincerely,


Andrew Dismore

Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden