Monthly update: Policing

Post the Paris atrocities, I continue to question the police on hate crimes and security for Mosques and Synagogues.

See also letter to editors after Paris tragedy.

We still have to see the final police budget for next year on which will see decisions taken in February, but it looks almost certain that we will see the merger of boroughs, the loss of police stations, and ranks in the chain of command.

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There is still time to support my petition to save neighbourhood policing and the other emergency services, which please sign if you can, and encourage others to do so too.

I have started a campaign over the issue of children held overnight in police cells: 100 times each week last year, due to Government cuts.

Since my last report, we have had a couple of interesting Police and Crime Committee meetings. At the 17/12 meeting we questioned the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner and Deputy Mayor. Issues I particularly raised include  hate crime, and the investigation into the arson attack on the Bravanese centre; co-responding with  other emergency services; the impact of merging boroughs; the capital city function funding ( this was in fact frozen, and which explains the extent of our borough officers being taken elsewhere for other duties), firearms officer recruitment; and the internal grievance process.

on 28th January, with the Deputy Commissioner and deputy Mayor, I raised collaboration between the emergency services ; and the plan to increase the number of firearms officers by an extra 600, seeking assurances that this would not result in a further reduction in borough based police officer numbers.

Body worn cameras have also been in the news: I appeared on several broadcasts about this.

I was also interviewed about the delay in resolving the Commissioner’s contract extension: his present contract runs to September, and there has apparently been a stand-off between the Mayor and Home Secretary over an extension. It cannot be good for the Commissioner, the Met. or the people of London, to have such uncertainty. I have argued that the leading candidates in the Mayoral election should also now be consulted, as it will be one of them who will work with whomsoever the Commissioner is.

I am pleased the Commissioner postponed his Barnet ‘roadshow’ to 1st February, from Holocaust Memorial Day.

With the huge growth in violent crime and knife crime, I am pleased the Met is to consider the Knife Amnesty proposals for Barnet and Camden.