Letter to editors: hate crime awareness week

Dear Sirs,


National Hate Crime Awareness Week serves as a reminder that people in Barnet and Camden must stand together to end rising hate crime in our boroughs.


Barnet and Camden  is home to people of all races, faiths and creeds. But we must not take for granted the values of openness and tolerance we hold dear.


It was upsetting and disturbing to see a rise in hate crime in London following the Brexit vote. Whilst perpetrators remain in the minority, this shocking rise reinforced the need for Londoners to unite to protect our city from these vile acts of hatred.


The Mayor of London has sent a strong message that urges Londoners to report hate crime to the police. He is right. We’ll can only stop these atrocities if we know they are happening.  


So to mark National Hate Crime Awareness Week, I want to reinforce that message amongst Barnet and Camden residents: if we experience hate crime we must report it, if we see a hate crime we must report it.  


London stands for openness, diversity, tolerance and harmony. Let’s make sure we stand together to keep it that way.



Andrew Dismore AM

Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden