“Exciting” RAF museum plans welcomed by Dismore

On a visit to the Royal Air Force Museum in Hendon, London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore was shown the museum’s plans to commemorate the 100 years’ anniversary of the RAF in 2018. With the help of lottery funding and other donations, the museum aim to create a new visitor entrance, utilise long derelict buildings and expand catering spaces.

Guests will be “welcomed” at the entrance by a Spitfire and a Hurricane fighter, before entering an exhibition on the first 100 years of the RAF will take visitors through a chronological history of the RAF, from its beginnings in the First World War, to the Second World War, the Cold War and the present.

Mr Dismore welcomed the plans, saying:

“These plans are a very welcome improvement to the museum, and I hope will mark a successful centenary year for the RAF. The new locations for aircraft will make more sense, and put them in better context. I have always pushed for more of an emphasis on the ground crew and other non-flying personnel too, as they are an integral part of the RAF story, and their contribution must never be forgotten.”

“I was also pleased to hear about the improved community facilities, such as a children’s playground, which came out of consultation with residents of the Grahame Park estate. The RAF Museum is a matter of pride in Barnet, and more specifically Hendon. It’s good to see that the museum take their part in the community seriously.”

Andrew Dismore AM and Maggie Appleton MBE

Andrew Dismore AM and Maggie Appleton MBE