Dismore endorses Tom Copley for London Assembly List

Londonwide Assembly Member Tom Copley has received the endorsement of his colleague Andrew Dismore, who represents the seat of Barnet and Camden on London Assembly. Mr Copley and Mr Dismore were first elected to the London Assembly in 2012 and have worked together on a number of issues affecting London such as affordable homes and exposing waste under Boris Johnson’s Mayoralty.

Mr Dismore, who is retiring at the next London elections in 2020, is urging members of the Labour Party to vote for Mr Copley as the first candidate for the Londonwide list. There are 14 constituency-based seats which are elected directly via first-past-the-post, and 11 on a Londonwide list, elected through a proportional representation method.

Mr Dismore said:

‘I have known Tom for a very long time and think he is one of the most talented young representatives in the country. He is London’s biggest asset in our efforts to tackle the housing crisis because he successfully combines his passion for the subject with a wealth of knowledge and a studious approach to examining every aspect of any policy.

‘Labour Party members should be proud of the work Tom has done on LGBT+ issues too, and back him to return to the Assembly. The antidote to the poisonous era of Donald Trump is brave and articulate champions for equality and openness.’

Mr Copley added:

‘I am delighted to have support from Andrew and will miss him when he retires next year. He and I started our work on the Assembly exposing Boris Johnson’s vanity schemes like the Garden Bridge, the West Ham stadium deal and the Emirates cable car.

‘As a former resident and Labour organiser in Camden, I know Andrew’s patch extremely well, and have been pleased to support his work on issues such as the appalling regeneration record of Barnet Council in places like West Hendon, Colindale and Cricklewood, and the immense challenges that HS2 poses in Euston.’


Tom Copley AM and Andrew Dismore AM

Tom Copley AM and Andrew Dismore AM



  • Andrew Dismore is the Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden.
  • Tom Copley is a Londonwide Labour London Assembly Member.