Bus service update from TfL

“We have worked with our operators to identify a package of further resources to meet demand to support the return of schools across London. Additional trips have this week been added in the afternoon to help meet demand on the busiest routes across London. These are running in the busiest direction on the busiest routes as identified by analysing demand since the schools returned this month. This includes the route 606 in your constituency, which will have another bus operating in the afternoon towards Queensbury.

“In addition, we have this week added two extra trips onto route 232 to meet demand at Finchley East End Road, having conducted loading surveys following receipt of your representations on behalf of the Headteacher at Bishop Douglass Catholic School.

“While this is the biggest package of enhancements since the first package at the start of the school year, these will not be the only ones as we continue to monitor the network and work with the operators to meet capacity issues where possible.”