Statement from TfL on Camden Road

“As part of an ongoing trial, we are extending the hours of over 270 bus lanes on London’s red routes to operate at all times. These lanes span more than 80 kilometres of our road network, carry over 215 bus routes every single day and an additional 52 night services. In order to achieve this, over 150 parking bays will be temporarily suspended.

“The changes to the bays within the bus lane on Camden Road are part of a trial and have been delivered as part of the Mayor of London’s response to coronavirus. As the city starts moving again, people are changing the times that they choose to travel to avoid peak periods and risk overcrowding on the network. The bus network plays a vital role in London’s success – with over six million passenger journeys a day before the crisis. We want to make sure that people choosing to travel on the bus network have the safest, quickest and most reliable journey at all times of the day. Our trial to extend bus lanes to operate at all times will mean bus journey times are more likely to be the same – regardless of the time people choose to travel. Reliable bus services also means that we reduce instances of over-crowding at bus stops.

“As the scheme is being delivered to support London’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, we are using experimental traffic orders, which do not require formal consultation ahead of a trial starting. However, we will be listening to local communities throughout the trial, including businesses, and collating all feedback. Following the trial, we will review and agree which bus lanes should be permanently changed to operate 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our decision will be based on several factors including:

  • Feedback from key stakeholders and the community
  • Bus journey times and reliability
  • Use of the lanes by people cycling
  • Impacts of the scheme on other modes of traffic
  • Impact of the scheme on people protected under the Equality Act 2010

“A survey is now available at and your constituents can send their comments direct to us at”