Objection to planning application for 231 Colney Hatch Lane, London, N11 3DG, Ref: 2020/5104/S1

Letter version here: 231 Colney Hatch Lane Planning Objections Jan 21

Dear Sadiq,

I am writing to object to the above application in my capacity as London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden.

The proposal to build 204 flats creates an increase in density that does not comply with the recommendations of the London plan. It does not offer any remedial measures for the additional burden that will be placed upon local community services in the impact upon GP surgeries and other healthcare facilities, primary and secondary school places and local transport all of which that will be adversely impacted should this development be allowed to proceed.

Colney Hatch Lane faces significant congestion on weekdays as it is a route into the City for an area with a low PTAL rating, where driving is the easiest form of transport. Weekends also suffer high levels of congestion due to the location of the large Tesco supermarket located at the junction between the North Circular and Colney Hatch Lane. This development will only make matters worse by increasing traffic congestion, worsening air pollution and causing overspill parking in surrounding roads.

We see this happening already with commuters and shoppers accessing the Tesco supermarket, the Friern Bridge retail park and the New Southgate railway station. No work has been undertaken by Barnet Council to model the impact that this development will have on the local community.

The development is also out of keeping with the low-rise residential nature of the Friern Barnet area. The height of the buildings (7 storeys) is obtrusive given its location adjacent to Coppett’s Wood, and will have a detrimental impact on the ancient woodland.

The nature of the build is questionable, as it is located next to busy, noisy and polluted roads, which will lead to a poor quality of life for any new tenants.

For all the reasons stated above I believe this application should be refused. It was most unfortunate that the Barnet Council Planning Committee approved this application on a split decision, with  the casting vote of the Committee chair, and that Barnet’s approval makes your overturning of the application unlikely, but I hope that you will nonetheless consider these objections.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dismore AM

London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden

City Hall

The Queen’s Walk