Update from Edgware SNT on Catalytic converter thefts

Dear Ward Member,

Further to the email below we have identified that Lexus and Toyota Prius are targeted by the thieves. If possible if you do have one of these cars  please use a garage when the car is not in use.

I don’t often give advice regarding catalytic converter thefts .  I do know that it happens very fast and I am aware that the thieves do target makes of vehicles.

Different Ideas that may help, please see below.
– If you don’t have access to a garage, park close to fences, walls or kerbs with the exhaust being closest to the barrier; this will make the theft more difficult

– Avoid mounting your car on the kerb to park as it gives thieves easy access
– If your catalytic converter’s bolted on ask your local garage to weld the bolts to make it more difficult to remove
– Consider a ‘cage clamp’ which locks around the converter
– Speak to your car dealership about a tilt sensor that activates the alarm if someone tries to jack up your vehicle
– If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it to the police at the time