Auditor progress on Metpro after all!

Auditor progress on Metpro after all!

Further developments with the auditor reveal he is taking action after all in response to the concerns raised by me in my request for a  public interest inquiry and by many other members of the public, too.  The door remains open to such an inquiry and I will renew my demand for this in light of his 6th September report.

This is the reply to my last email to him:

Dear Mr Dismore

Thank-you for for your emails of 10 July.

Over the next 2-3 weeks we are carrying out a programme of work to review the Council’s response to the issues raised by the internal audit report, discussed in the Audit Committee meeting and reiterated in subsequent communications.

We will report our findings in our Annual Report to Those Charged with Governance, which will be presented to the 6 September Audit Committee meeting. Until we have completed our work and presented this report we will not be issuing any further comment on this matter.

As noted in our previous responses we will not rule out the possibility of further reporting, including under our statutory reporting powers, should it be required after this time.

Kind regards