Press Release:Barnet Parking – what have they got to hide?


Questions need answering over parking in Barnet.

Andrew Dismore, Labour London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden submitted a Freedom of Information request to Barnet Council on 20th July, for details behind the highly unpopular changes to parking charges and rules. By law, Barnet Council should respond within 20 working days, yet they have failed to do so, despite reminders.

Mr Dismore said:

“The failure of Barnet Council to comply with the law is appalling. They have not even acknowledged the request, despite reminders. I have even emailed the Chief Officer responsible, Mr Lustig, but to no avail.

I understand that mine is not the only request for information relating to the parking policy, either: other residents have not had their FoI requests answered .

We need to know what is going on, so I have also submitted a further FoI request, for copies of all correspondence and other documents and notes  between the Council and Cllr Brian Coleman, the “cabinet”  member responsible for parking charges, relating to my requests for freedom of information, in an endeavour to find out precisely what is going on and in particular whether there has been any political interference  to ignore my request or delay the response, way beyond what is allowed by law.

On such a highly controversial policy, the council should be especially open and honest, not flout the law in this way. Just what have they got to hide?”

Note to editors:

For more information on call Andrew Dismore 07957 625 813

Full details of FoI request set out below:

From: Andrew Dismore
10 July 2011 10:03
FoI request

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please  disclose and provide:

1.    copies of all consultation documents issued to residents as part of the consultations which led to the creation of the borough’s Controlled Parking Zones.

2.    copies of all consultation documents issued to residents as part of the consultations which led to the increase in CPZ charges for residents and their visitors this year.

3.    copies of all notifications issued to residents about the increase in CPZ charges this year.

4.    Copies of all analysis of responses to the consultations on the increase in CPZ charges this year.

5.    Copies of all estimates of the anticipated increase in income as a result of the increase.

6.    Copies of all representations made concerning the increases from MPs, London Assembly members and Borough Councillors.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Dismore
79 the Burroughs