Dismore campaigns on Transport fares

Andrew Dismore, Labour’s London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden joined leafleters at Euston station today, to warn commuters of Conservative London Mayor Johnson’s  impending fare rises and to tell them of Labour’s mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone’s alternative, with the launch today of Ken’s Fare Deal policy which will reduce fares for hard pressed Londonrers. ( photo attached)

Mr Dismore said:

“Boris Johnson’ policy is to raise fares by 2% above inflation over the next 4 years (and for 20 years). Ken Livingstone’s policy is to cut fares by 5% in 2012 and to freeze them in 2013. In further years Ken pledges to raise them only by the level of inflation, or less.

 Ken’s “Fare Deal” will see the average Londoner saving £800 over a four year term. At a time of pressure on family budgets and rising prices, Londoners cannot afford Boris Johnson’s unfair fair rises year after year.

I believe Ken’s policy shows we are in touch with what Londoners need and expect from their mayor at times of financial hardship”.