Coleman frightened to face local residents

Andrew Dismore, Labour London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden has accused the Conservative incumbent, Brian Coleman, of being “chicken” in avoiding hustings meetings for the London Assembly election.

Mr Dismore said:

“So far, Brian Coleman has refused invitations to attend 3 election hustings in Barnet, including for residents associations in Hampstead Garden Suburb and Cricklewood and the meeting for Barnet Older Residents, too, all of which I am attending, as I  believe are the other candidates. I understand there were also proposals for a Jewish community hustings, but they have fallen through as Mr Coleman was not willing to participate.

This is strange behaviour for someone who always has so much to say for himself. Just what is he frightened of? That residents might ask him about his outrageous parking policies, his idea to let out the parks to private parties, or his plan to scrap pelican pedestrian crossings, after sacking the lollipop road safety people last year? Or does he realise that he is already staring electoral defeat in the face? The various organisations consulted on the dates, so it cannot be that he is otherwise engaged.

Mr Coleman is showing the same contempt for the public in failing to be accountable at hustings as he regularly demonstrates in Council meetings and his email replies. He is chicken of debating with me. I challenge him now, name the date and time if you dare and I will be there!”