East Finchley Labour landslide: Congratulations Arjun Mittra!


Congratulations to Arjun on a great result in the East Finchley by election last night:

Labour 2117 67.8%

Con 543 17.4%

LD 461 14.8%


Labour share of the vote up 24.7% on 2010

Conservative share down 8.5% on 2010


A magnificent 16.6% swing Con to Lab!


Three-quarters of Liberal Democrat voters deserted them. The Green Party could not be bothered to put up a candidate, implying they realise they have very little support in the constituency.

This result shows Labour is on track to beat Brian Coleman on 3rd May in the election for the Barnet and Camden London Assembly seat: but it will be a close contest, as the GLA constituency includes many Conservative heartlands areas so we must not be complacent. But the result shows that victory on 3rd May is in our grasp.

Brian Coleman’s decisions on parking charges and pay and display are clearly disastrous for him. They show how out of touch he and the rest of the Conservatives are in Barnet and Camden.

The election on 3rd May is turning into a referendum on an out of touch Conservative / LibDem coalition Government, which lurches from one mess up to another,  an out of touch Conservative mayor who lobbied for the 50p tax cut for the rich now being paid for by the “Granny Tax” on pensioners ,  an out of touch hard right Barnet Conservative council cutting  and privatising as they implement their “One (or is that “None”) Barnet programme for council services, , and an out of touch GLA member, whose rudeness and arrogance to all who question him is now legendary. He even refuses to face the public at any of the hustings meetings organised for the election.

But there are also positive reasons for voting Labour on 3rd May: to restore the Conservative police cuts. To cut Conservative fares increases. And to elect an administration that is in touch and understands the needs of Londoners.