Letter to the Editor: getting things done for Camden

Dear editor,

So Conservative GLA member Brian Coleman says the electorate “want someone who gets things done” for Camden, (CNJ 12/4/12), implying himself. But just what has he done for Camden? The Conservative Party leaflet page supposedly about him does not list a single Coleman outcome, but merely regurgitates Mayor Johnson’s alleged achievements. The inference can only be that Mr Coleman has done nothing.

This is supported by the response to the Freedom of Information request I submitted to Camden Council last year, which revealed that since the last London elections, Mr Coleman had not written a single letter to any Camden Chief Officer about any subject whatsoever.

He clearly has failed to achieve anything about HS2 policy. And as for his “quite good” relationship with  Mayor Johnson, the Conservative Mayoral  manifesto trumpets the Mayor’s support for West Londoners’ interests  affected by HS2- but completely  ignores the impact on Camden altogether, so Mr Coleman either has not “talked to him in  private”, or has been completely ignored.

Yes, Camden residents do need someone who gets things done- but that is clearly not the Conservatives’ Mr Coleman!

Yours sincerely,


Andrew Dismore

Labour London Assembly candidate for Barnet and Camden