The choice in this election is clear

I wanted to let you know personally why I believe the election on 3rd May is so important- that’s why I am attaching a short video message which I hope you will watch.

On 3rd May, you get to decide who should run London.

The choice in this election is clear.


I’ll be voting for Andrew Dismore! sign me up!

Do you want a Labour administration that will listen to you?  A Labour administration that will restore the police cuts and reduce fares to last year’s levels, and for next year, too. And a Labour administration that will give a fair deal to pensioners and help our young Londoners at times of such difficulty in finding jobs and homes.

In me, you will have an Assembly member who has 30 years experience of public service, and who knows how to get things done.

The alternative is the the out of touch Conservatives, who have produced a budget for the super rich at the expense of pensioners, who are wrecking the NHS with their “reforms” which are opposed by all the medical professional bodies. The alternative is an out of touch Conservative Mayor who has cut 1700 police officers and increased fares way beyond inflation. And the alternative is an out of touch Conservative Assembly Member, who is responsible for Barnet Council’s outrageous parking policies and who has been invisible in Camden.

So please vote for me, Andrew Dismore, for your London Assembly member and use all 3 of your votes for Labour.

Best wishes




Andrew Dismore

Labour Candidate for the London Assembly for Barnet and Camden