Dismore “Fury” at night bus service cuts

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore has said he is “furious” with the decision of Transport for London (TfL) to reduce several night bus services, following the introduction of the Night Tube.


TfL say that the successful introduction of the Night Tube has seen larger than expected drop off in use in routes 6, 24, 43, 134, 214, N5, N9, N16, N20.


Mr Dismore said:


‘I am absolutely furious that there has been no proper consultation on these cuts. It is ludicrous to make these cuts now after only a few months of the night tube. It would be far more sensible to have looked at these routes over a longer term, and through different seasons, then do a full consultation. Many of these night services were already not regular enough, now I can see very long waits for night buses.’


‘The night tube is more expensive than bus services, so it is unfair to low paid workers going home after night working in terms of both the cost and the delay. More so for outer London, where more night time workers are moving to because of the cost of housing.’


‘I will be putting in written questions to ask why TfL have gone about this the way they have, and to see if they have thought through the impacts of this decision.’