Barnet told to promote Small Business Saturday properly

Barnet Council has been asked to step up efforts to promote Small Business Saturday by Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore. In a letter to Council Leader Cllr Richard Cornelius, Mr Dismore said real support was needed by businesses due to Brexit and inflation.


Mr Dismore said:


‘Barnet need to get of their backsides and do something this year. I had a lot of complaints last year from traders about how lackadaisical the promotion of Small Business Saturday was last year, and we don’t want a repeat.’


‘I have also suggested to Cllr Cornelius that he needs to have a more in-depth look at barriers to business in Barnet. They should look at 30 minutes free parking, what offers they can make when business rates are devolved and to secure more retail space in major developments. High street rents are getting out of control, and we need more supply of business space.’