My response to Northern Line upgrade news

It is interesting to see that the Conservatives and Mr Freer want to increase bus and tube fares dramatically, at a time when inflation is eating ever more into Londoners’ living standards due to their mismanagement of the economy and mishandling of Brexit. The Conservtives are also starving TfL’s budget through their phased complete  end of all Government financial support for TfL. I don’t recall Barnet’ Conservative MPs voting against this.


Sadiq stopped the 17pc increase his predecessor was set to impose on top of the 42pc increases Boris Johnson implemented, with Sadiq’s freeze saving the average family 200 pounds a year.


As far as  Northern Line passengers are  specifically concerned, the issue is the frequency and comfort of the service which has significantly improved and is set to improve further in January. .TfL engineers have confirmed they are able to increase the frequency of the  trains without the need for extra ones. All Northern Line trains were refurbished in 2015 and the TfL’s new  combined engineering division has improved performance and reliability  to boost frequency and extend peak periods with a new timetable being introduced in January, benefiting up to 100,000 passengers a day including an extra 11,000 at peak evening time.


It is ridiculous of the Conservatives to suggest spending such huge sums when not  necessary; and in any event it shows their financial illiteracy, in that fares are  revenue income whilst new trains would represent   capital expenditure funded completely differently.