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MQT answers Nov 20

London Power for all Londoners (1) Question No: 2020/3942 Andrew Dismore Some Londoners, including some of my constituents, are being left ‘energy prisoners’ by the power companies. One has explained that the meter system in his rented accommodation stops him from changing provider or accessing cheaper tariffs. How will you use London Power to address situations like this where Londoners […]

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Damning report by the National Audit Office into the Government’s emergency COVID procurements

Read the full report here. Highlights: 1) Contracts worth £18bn were awarded, £10.5bn of these with ZERO competition 2) Spending controls were not applied due to the seniority of staff working on contracts 3) Gov did not set out a process to mitigate risks such as bias or conflicts of interest 4) A “high-priority lane” was set up for firms […]

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