Bungling Barnet Council caught out again over Abbots depot

Residents campaigning against a new Barnet Council Abbots Waste Depot, have exposed a false claim by Barnet Council that work on the site was being carried out under the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).


After the Coppies Grove residents’ association wrote to CCS to complain about dust being blown into the estate from the works, CCS disclosed that the contractor in question, Wilmott Dixon, had not even applied to register the site with them.


However in a newsletter to residents, Barnet Council had promoted Wilmott Dixon as a ‘founding member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme’. After an enquiry by Brunswick Park Labour Councillor Kathy Levine, CCS informed Cllr Levine that Wilmott Dixon had registered the site that very same day. (18th May).


Cllr Levine said:


‘It beggars belief that Bungling Barnet Council did not check the registration of the scheme with the CCS, given the controversy surrounding it. Yet they were even promoting the contractors as being founding members of the scheme. There are already many serious problems for the site’s neighbours, including litter, leakages, and demolition dust, which are real health problems for residents.


‘Bungling Barnet don’t give a monkeys for residents’ health and quality of life. Instead of sending misleading newsletters they should check the text.  I am furious that this wasn’t done, and I shall be even angrier if nothing is done to reduce the dust and other pollution.’


Local London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore said this was another “cock-up” from “bungling Barnet”.


‘Barnet Council just cannot get anything right at the moment. The library IT system has crashed, hundreds of blue badges for disabled residents have been unnecessarily cancelled and they made a real cock up of the recent elections. And that’s just the last month!


‘Not only can’t Bungling Barnet run a whelk stall, they can’t even get their propaganda story straight.’