Grenfell and Cladding

Please see latest information from me regarding the Grenfell Tower Fire:

Late answer MQT Nov 20 – Waking Watches

Waking Watch cabin on Pulse catches fire

MQT Feb 21 answers and late answers re LFB

Cladding issues MQT Feb 21 and late answers

Dismore welcomes extra cash for Fire Brigade but questions Mayor over Future Finances

Response to cladding funding announcement

Dismore questions Mayor over Fire Brigade Finances

Updated report from LFB

Dismore questions Mayor over Conservative waking watch con trick

APPG letter to support leaseholders living in unsafe private residential leasehold properties

FREP MQT answers December 2020

London Assembly report on the cladding crisis

Cladding Written answers December 2020

Government’s new Waking Watch Relief Fund will make little difference to spiralling costs faced by London leaseholders in unsafe buildings

Dismore questions Mayor over fire risks in the built environment

Late November 2020 FREP answers

Cladding written answers November 20

MQT late LFB answers Sept Oct 2020

Link to my article in On London on leaseholders trapped in fire-risk homes

Dismore raises Government’s inadequate response to London fire risk

Mayor: progress made by London Fire Brigade on Grenfell Tower Inquiry recommendations but more to be done

Response from the Mayor on EWS1 forms

FREP transcript – Cladding discussion

cladding written answers October 2020

Fire written answers October 2020

Dismore questions Mayor over impact of Covid cuts on London Fire Brigade

Briefing: EWS1 and London

Letter to the Mayor on EWS1 forms

MQT late FREP answers Sept 20

Fire Written MQT answers September 2020

Dismore raises safety concerns over high rise firefighting

BRIEFING: Public Accounts Committee Report- Progress in Remediating Dangerous Cladding

Government failures over cladding leading to thousands of hours of extra safety checks by London’s firefighters

Dismore questions Fire Brigade Budget cuts

MQ answers LFB June – July 2020

Society of Labour Lawyers videocall on Leaseholders and Cladding

Dismore questions slow progress on cladding removal

My Grenfell Comment Piece

Three years on from Grenfell tragedy thousands are still stuck in buildings with unsafe cladding, new figures reveal

MQT Fire answer May 2020

Response from Lord Greenhalgh to my letter on Cladding

March 2020 Fire answers

Fire safety failings need to be addressed urgently, says Assembly

MQT Feb 20 answers : fire

MQT late fire answers Feb 20

No money paid out for removal of Grenfell-style cladding on London’s private sector tower blocks

Fire written answers Jan 20

Dismore questioned mayor about Government secrecy over Grenfell type cladding risks and the poor rate of remediation

MQ Frep answers Dec 19

Londoners stuck in buildings with Grenfell-style cladding for another Christmas

Assembly responds to HMICFRS report on LFB

London Assembly response to the London Fire Commissioner’s retirement

My response to the Prime Minister’s statement on the Grenfell tower inquiry report

Assembly response to Grenfell inquiry

Londoners need answers over delays to removal of Grenfell-style cladding

Ham and High article: Grenfell Tower fire inquiry

MQT Fire answers October 19

Assembly responds to LFB report on Grenfell

FREP answers Sept 19

FREP MQs July 19

Dismore questions Mayor over Government inaction on fire safety and protection of private flat owners

Ham and High column on fire safety

James Corden on my exchange with Boris Johnson on fire service cuts

Dismore questions Mayor over slow progress in the removal of Grenfell type cladding and justice for Grenfell

Dismore pays tribute to London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton on the announcement of her retirement

Article: The British Government has shown itself incapable of dealing with the consequences of the Grenfell Tower fire. That should worry us all.

Barking flats fire demonstrates urgent need to tackle flammable cladding and materials

May 2019 fire written answers

Over 15,000 London homes still have Grenfell-style cladding

Fire safety standards not up to scratch at over 500 London care homes

Fire MQ answers March 19

March 19 Fire written answers

My article on Grenfell and firefighters

Dismore raises impact of Conservative cuts on the Fire Brigade

Article on Fire Brigade post-Grenfell

Dismore questions Fire Chiefs over post Grenfell implications for Fire Brigade

New powers to allow Councils to remove cladding on privately owned tower blocks welcomed

Fire written answers November 18

letter to editors on cladding and Premier House

Dismore calls for action over unsafe cladding on private tower blocks: names Premier House Edgware as having ACM fire risk cladding

Dismore questions Fire Commissioner and Chair of Fire Authority over future of London Fire Brigade

Transcript of my exchange with Sadiq on Fire Brigade funding

Fire Authority Conservatives fail to back up Home Secretary’s claim that post Grenfell costs should be met from reserves

Letters between Sadiq Khan and Amber Rudd on fire service cuts

Budget is a betrayal of Grenfell victims and the promises made to them

Dismore condemns Conservative failure to support Mayor’s bid for extra funding post-Grenfell

Government must back Sadiq on fire safety inspectors – Dismore

letter for publication: Fire Brigade faces Government underfunding after Grenfell fire

Letter for publication: Fire funding

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Terms of reference

letter for publication: Fire Brigade faces Government underfunding after Grenfell fire

Dismore raised fire equipment and funding for the LFB post Grenfell

Dismore raises lessons to be learnt after Grenfell

Grenfell Tower Response Team update 6

Grenfell Tower response team update 5

Chair of Grenfell inquiry seeks consultation on terms of reference

Grenfell Tower Response team update 4

Legislative framework and proposals for change

Grenfell Tower Support Team update 3

Mayoral fund for businesses affected by Grenfell and recent terrorist attacks

Grenfell Tower Support Team Update 2

Evacuation of Taplow Block

LFEPA Briefing

Chalcots Estate communication From Camden Council

Chalcots Estate FAQ

Grenfell Support Team Update

Camden Council statement on Chalcots Estate

Grenfell Fire Response Team


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