Save Mill Hill Sports Club & facilities for local people

Local resident and blogger Roger Tichborne AKA the “Barnet Eye” has started a petition to save The Mill Hill Sports Club which is an important local facility for residents. Not only is it a sports facility, but it also doubles as a music venue for the Mill Hill Jazz Club and Mill Hill Music Festival. This petition calls on Barnet council to ensure that site continues to be used for sports, music and as an open facility to all local residents.

More information about the petition can be found below and signed through this link here.

Please take the time to support this campaign and help save this important local facility.

The Mill Hill Sports club in Grahame Park Way, Mill Hill, has been an integral part of the local community for many years. It is the home of local football, cricket, hockey, boxing and squash clubs. It has gym facilities available at a reasonable price and is well used by residents of Mill Hill, Burnt Oak and Grahame Park. It also plays host to the Mill Hill Jazz Club and the Mill Hill Music Festival.

At a time when many people are suffering from problems associated with an inactive lifestyle, we desperately need more, not less, open access sports facilities. Barnet Council has not supported attempts to improve facilities at the site. As a result, the company managing the Sports club has sold the lease and announced the closure of the club. This petitions calls on Barnet Council to support local sports and local people and ensure that the closure plan is scrapped.

We call on Barnet Council to work with local people to develop the site into a premier facility for local people. We call for Barnet Council to commit to no change of use for the site, so that it may only be used for sports, music and as an open facility for all local people.