Stirling Corner speeds: Action needed


In response to a Mayor’s Question (see below), Mayor Boris Johnson has confirmed that very few roundabouts in London have 70 MPH speed limits, like Stirling corner. Of the only 7 others, 2 of them are close by and one is just up the road at Elstree Way.

Labour London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore said:

“this confirms what we already  knew, that very few roads have this excessive speed  limit and which is a contributor to the serious safety risks at the junction. Part of the solution must be to address vehicles approaching the roundabout far too fast, by cutting the speed limit.

I am pleased to note that at long last Barnet council has finally confirmed its policy change towards Stirling Corner and that the deputy mayor for transport is now to  hold discussions with the borough about the issues at Stirling Corner, but progress in addressing local concerns is far too slow.

I have challenged Mayor Johnson to try to ride his bike round Stirling corner, but he has yet to do so: maybe he is frit!”


Stirling Corner 3

Question No: 260 / 2013

Andrew Dismore

How many other roundabouts on the TfL network have a similar speed limit to Stirling Corner?

Written response from the Mayor

There are seven other roundabouts on dual carriageways on the Transport for London Road Network that are subject to the national speed limit of 70mph. These are:

1.  A127 Southend Arterial Road/M25

2.  A13 Thames Gateway/M25

3.  A13 Thames Gateway/A1306 London Road

4.  A40 Western Avenue/A437 Long Lane

5.  A40 Western Avenue/B437 Swakeleys Road

6.  A41 Edgware Way/M1

7.  A1 Barnet Way/A5135 Elstree Way