Fire Service Update, October and November

As chair of the Fire Authority Resources Committee I believe we can make the draconian £11million cuts demanded by the Mayor for next year without a major impact on front line firefighting, but it looks increasingly likely that the Mayor will overrule us and demand the removal of up to 13 fire engines- which could include one from Kentish Town and of course the over 200 firefighters who ride on them. We have had our first meeting on the cuts , with the Conservatives voting for the 13 engines to go. We were able to outvote them but the main decision will be on 2nd December.

HS2 will also have an impact on attendance times: see also my letter to the press.

The recent fatal fire in Camden has also brought home how serious the implications are for public safety; and how what has happened was predictable.: after Boris Johnson’s fire station closures, Fire Brigade response times increased in 14 Camden wards.