Andrew’s Camden response to London Ambulance Service being placed under special measures

“Sadly it’s no surprise to anyone in Camden that the London Ambulance Service has been put into special measures. Less than three quarters of emergency 999 calls in Camden arrive within the eight minute target response time.

“When emergency admissions at the Whittington and Royal Free hit their worst waiting times on record last winter, ambulances were tied up for hours, preventing them from responding to emergencies. I have asked the Royal Free NHS Trust and the Whittington Trust for an update on what they are doing to make sure there is no repeat this winter.

“It’s deeply concerning that the ambulance service has been found to be inadequate in terms of being safe and well-led. Not training enough staff is a major failure, especially when there are hundreds of people in Camden desperate for well-paid, skilled work.

“I am writing to the new London Ambulance Service Chief Executive asking her to start a recruitment and training drive in Camden as soon as possible and making it widely known that we want local people to get these jobs. More than 400 new London ambulance staff this year have been recruited from Australia.”

NOTES: Dr Fionna Moore was appointed new London Ambulance Service Chief Executive in July 2015.

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