Dismore condemns Barnet Council scheme to cut Meals on Wheels service

Barnet and Camden Labour London Assembly member Andrew Dismore AM challenged the Mayor over Barnet Council’s scheme to cut the meals on Wheels service, during Mayor’s Questions today

Questioning Boris on Barnet’s decidion to scrap Meals on Wheels from Andrew Dismore on Vimeo.

During a section of Question Time on food poverty, Mr Dismore asked the Mayor:

‘What would you think of a council that is planning to scrap its meals on wheels service and replace it with, amongst other options, referring people to food banks instead?’

Mr Dismore, after The Mayor had guessed that the offending council was Conservative run Barnet, said:

‘It’s your old friends on Conservative Barnet Council again, who now expect people to make their own alternative arrangements, including according to their own report, recommending short term food banks. Of the 157 recipients of the service, 57% are over 85 years of age. This is how the Conservatives treat the elderly and frail, it is appalling, but it is what we have regrettably come to expect.’

The Mayor said that advice could be given to Barnet from the City Hall Food team under Rose Boycott, if required, on how to deal with the end of Meals on Wheels.