December update: Fire services

The consultation on the operational change options for next year’s Fire Brigade budget has now begun. Have your say!

One option, that preferred by the Fire Authority itself and which I prepared as the Chair of the Resources Committee balances the books by ‘alternate crewing’ some of our second response specialist appliances, allowing the retention of the 13 front line fire engines the Mayor wishes to cut, whilst still balancing the books; the other option, proposed as the Commissioner’s option, involves the permanent removal of the 13 fire engines. There is more detail and how to respond on the link above.

See also my Press release about another Camden fire engine facing Boris Johnson’s axe.

Further information has also come to light about the fatal fire in Camden Road: I challenged the Mayor about overstretched Fire Brigade’s response times to this fatal fire in Camden.

We also had a full Assembly meeting about Fire Brigade issues, where I challenged the Fire Chief Commissioner over the long term future of the fire brigade.

Finally, I wrote a letter for publication to the Ham and High, as a response to the Fire Commissioner’s published comments in that paper.