Mayor’s Questions: December answers

Meals on wheels

Question No: 2015/4004

Andrew Dismore  Do you think it is right, that those who are dependent on a meals on wheels service  should instead now be referred to food banks ? Written response from the Mayor Officers are drafting a response which will be sent shortly.

13 Fire engines

Question No: 2015/4005

Andrew Dismore

As the FBU have now indicated that they will not be taking further strike action until at the

Summer of 2017, do you agree that the money saved as a result can now be used to return at least 2 of the 13 fire engines presently off the run?

Written response from the Mayor

I note that the principal budget options available to LFEPA for 2016-17 are currently subject

to a public consultation exercise and I look forward to seeing the results of that exercise in

February 2016. I shall rely on the Fire Commissioner’s professional advice in determining

what action, if any, I should take at that time.