Barnet Council election maladministration page

I am compiling a dossier of evidence from members of the public about all the problems that happened on the elections of 5th May 2016. Please email me at if you experienced any problems in this election. I am looking at problems with polling cards, postal voted, proxy votes, registration and the incomplete list on the day.

Please see below news on the subjects:

Dismore slams Bungling Barnet’s ‘investigation’ into fiasco election as a woefully inadequate cover up and whitewash

Dismore questions Barnet’s ability to cope with voter registration extension

Dismore: Bungling Barnet’s Heath report into election fiasco raises more questions than it answers

Rebuttal letter to Cllr Cornelius

Dismore: Bungling Barnet’s election ‘inquiry’ riddled with conflicts of interest

London Assembly calls for management of EU Referendum vote to be removed from ‘Bungling Barnet’

Dismore: Barnet Council has many questions to answer after “disgraceful shambles” election

Greater London Authority to investigate election day fiasco at Barnet Council

‘Ban Barnet Council from holding EU referendum after Mayor election fiasco’ – London Assembly

Barnet couldn’t ‘run a whelk stall’ let alone EU vote, Assembly says

Barnet council chief steps down after election blunder

London Mayoral elections: Chief Rabbi among voters turned away from Barnet polling stations

Call for ‘urgent’ inquiry into London mayor and Barnet election errors

Videos of my speeches:


Dismore slams “bungling Barnet” from Andrew Dismore on Vimeo.

How Barnet bungled 2016 election from Andrew Dismore on Vimeo.

Barnet can’t run a whelk stall:

Barnet Council whelk stall