Dismore backs EU Remain campaign in City Hall speech

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore AM spoke in the debate on the EU at City Hall on 25th May, in support of the successful motion to remain in the EU

Andrew Dismore's speech on EU referrendum from Andrew Dismore on Vimeo.

After the debate, Mr Dismore said:

‘I am very pleased that at City Hall we now have both a Mayor and an Assembly committed to the  EU Remain campaign.

‘While I voted ‘no’ in the 1975 Referendum and I believe that was the right decision then, the world, the EU and the UK have all moved on in the last 40 years.

‘ Our economy and trading links are very different now, as are those of our then trading partners.

‘The EU has preserved the security of the continent, and it is no surprise that Winston Churchill, whom I quoted , spoke in support of a United States of Europe with free movement of people, going back as long ago as the  dark days of 1942.

‘I believe that many myths are put about, concerning   EU immigration into the UK, which on the whole has been positive for London and our economy.

‘Now, the right thing to do is to vote ‘ remain’ and that is what I shall be doing in the Referendum  next month.’