Reviva Composting expansion scheme kicks up a stink

The planning application to expand the Reviva composting site on Elstree Hill South, (off the A41) has been strongly challenged by London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore. In his letter of objection to Hertfordshire County Council’s planning department, Mr Dismore focused on the unacceptable odour from the site, which is already an unacceptable nuisance.


The Brockley Hill Residents Association and other Edgware residents have also submitted objections to the site, which borders Barnet near junction 4 of the M1 motorway.


Mr Dismore said that the existing site was already an extremely unpleasant neighbour for local residents, and that the new plans would make a bad situation far worse.


He said:


‘Permission should never have been granted in the first place, given this is Green Belt land and there are no extraordinary circumstances to justify it. I do not believe there is anything the company can do to control the great stink. Any previous efforts have been futile and  any further proposals to install extractor fans won’t help’.