Dismore welcomes Oyster Card Top-up machine for Brent Cross

Barnet and Camden London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore welcomed the installation of an Oyster Card top up machine at Brent Cross bus station. Mr Dismore has been campaigning for the installation of the machine, which finally went active on Monday 16th January.


Mr Dismore had submitted repeated requests to Transport for London, and raised the issue with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. In one such exchange in November, the Mayor promised that the machines would be installed by the end of February 2017.


Local London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore AM said:


‘It was a ridiculous anomaly that such a large bus terminus had no facilities for topping up Oyster Cards. This was a major deterrent to potential customers so this is very welcome news for Brent Cross employees and businesses too. Brent Cross is the largest employer in Barnet, so it is vital that it is commercially successful.’


Tom Nathan, General Manager of Brent Cross Shopping Centre said:


‘By far the most requested service has been an Oyster Card top up Machine here at the Shopping Centre. I have no doubt that the new machine will be hugely popular and we thank all those who supported us over the years to make this a reality.’