Dismore raises Brexit in Assembly budget meeting

At today’s London Assembly Budget Plenary Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore AM raised the cost of Brexit to the GLA and the wrong direction for London the Prime Minister was taking in the Brexit negotiations. (video here)


 Mr Dismore said to the Mayor:


Whilst yesterday’s Supreme Court judgment giving Parliament the right to decide on triggering on Article 50 is important, there’s no doubt that Brexit is the biggest challenge facing London, Londoners and our city’s economy, especially due to the irresponsible and short sighted hard Brexit being advocated by the Conservative Government, with the Prime Minister proposing the exact opposite of what London needs.


‘While she speculatively sucks up to the obviously isolationist and protectionist President ‘America First’ Trump, The Prime Minister is ready to turn her back on our biggest market, taking her bat and ball away if she doesn’t get what she wants, which she clearly won’t, as she isn’t listening to what’s coming back loud and clear from the rest of the EU.


‘So with two major banks, HSBC and UBS, already indicating they will each move 1,000 jobs out of London, possibly the first of the dominos, and the exchange rate drop affecting our procurement, are you having a ‘London First’ approach in your discussions with Government; and are you including in your budget all that is needed to provide for research, lobbying, and the extra cost to the GLA,  to  deal with the consequences of Brexit?’


The Mayor said:


‘You have the right analysis. I accept that the vote was to leave the EU and its structures, though London voted to remain. But people didn’t vote to be poorer. We need privileged access to the single market and talent from the EU. The core work on this is being done by excellent GLA employees, and there’s no need for an extra budget for research and lobbying. I’ve set up a Brexit working group, who are unpaid volunteers and have considerable expertise.’