Policing update Feb 17

The ‘post Trump inauguration’ weekend saw yet another upsurge in anti-Semitism in Edgware and Mill Hill, in particular.

This was closely followed by the report from the CST, that 2016 was the worst year for anti-Semitic incidents since they started keeping records.

I plan to raise this issue at the earliest opportunity in a full Assembly meeting.


Police Funding remains a major concern, with not just the Mayor but also the outgoing Commissioner expressing his fears  over  maintaining police numbers. As I have reported previously, we are ‘short changed’ by the Government especially over the costs associated with London being a capital city and the additional costs to policing this brings.


The Police and Crime Committee’s (PCC) present work is focussed on an examination of the draft Police and Crime Plan.


We have had a second session as well on this, but the transcript isn’t out yet. From this session, it seems that Borough policing priorities will be set between the Borough Leader and Chief Executive concerned, the Borough Police Commander, and the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime. I attended the meeting between the Deputy Mayor and Barnet Council, to discuss the local priorities and there was general consensus that the most important issue was burglary, followed by anti-social behaviour in certain wards.


The PCC also held a meeting with Safer Neighbourhood Board chairs from across London, to give us their views on the draft plan.


There is still time to comment if you haven’t already and  wish to do so  on the Mayor’s draft Police and Crime Plan , until  23rd  February 2017.

As part of our oversight work, the PCC visited to the custody suite at Brixton Police Station, which also gave me the opportunity to raise again the issue of young children being kept in custody for prolonged periods; and the issue of medical care for detainees.

The Committee has also reported on Notting Hill Carnival, which is a big drain on police resources for that weekend.


I have continued to raise the consequences of delays due to the Criminal Record Checks Backlog, where some progress is now being made.

Hate crime also encompasses Homophobia, and the local figures are not encouraging.

I attended the Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board open meeting with the new commander for the merged Camden and Islington Boroughs Command Unit, Det. Chief Superintendent Catherine Roper. I thought she was on top of her brief and impressive. I am due to have a ’one to one’ meeting with her very soon.

I am attaching the usual batch of answers to January’s MQT questions I raised on policing issues.