Dismore meets TfL to discuss tube noise at East Finchley


Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore has met a group of local residents and officers from Transport for London (TfL) to discuss to problem of tube noise near East Finchley station, which started after rail lines were ground in Autumn 2016.


Rail lines are often ground down to iron out any problems, extent the life of track and make rail services running over them quieter. At East Finchley, the effect of grinding the rails has been to make noise worse, according to local residents.


During the discussions, residents suggested various options, such as a fence on the southbound line as it enters the tunnel. TfL agreed to look at this, and to examine whether the grinding machine did as many passes over the track as it was supposed to. They promised that if the work was not done satisfactorily they would “make right the problem as best as they could”.


Other residents raised concerns about late night works being extremely loud. TfL agreed to improve notification for residents, and confirmed that there were no planned works for the area until 2018.


Mr Dismore said:


‘Tube noise is a serious problem for many. At a meeting of the London Assembly Environment Committee it was clear to me that TfL did not seem to have a proper process in place to deal with noise complaints. Since the night tube was brought in it has been even worse for residents, especially those around Summerlee Avenue and near Cherry Tree Wood; they now have the noise 24 hours a day on the weekend.


‘I am pleased that we managed to get this visit sorted, and that residents were able to put their concerns directly to TfL officers. It isn’t acceptable for residents in East Finchley or anywhere else that they are deprived of sleep and constantly bothered by loud noise from the tube.’