Dismore not to stand in General Election

Andrew Dismore, former Hendon MP and now London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden has today announced he will not be seeking nomination as Labour’s candidate for Hendon in the 8th June General Election.

In a message to Hendon Labour members, Mr Dismore said:

‘The Prime Minister has decided to call an unnecessary election, for the benefit of the Conservative Party, rather than the benefit of the country. In doing so, she has broken yet another of her promises. She thinks the outcome is a foregone conclusion, It is up to us, to prove how wrong she is.

‘Every General Election is of great importance, but none more so than this one. On the ballot paper there will be two very different visions of Britain’s future.

‘We have seen how the Conservatives have devastated the NHS, are slashing the schools and police budget, and are aiming for the hard Brexit that will be disastrous for London’s economy and society in particular and for the country as a whole.

‘Labour will be campaigning for a fairer and more equal Britain, which remains close allies and partners with our European neighbours. We believe that Britain is at its best when we are an open and welcoming country that spreads opportunity, wealth and power to the many rather than the few.

‘By contrast our Conservative opponents are feeling emboldened by Brexit, and will run on a right-wing and anti-European manifesto. They see an opportunity to create what they have spent years dreaming of – a de-regulated and low tax economy which is stripped of workers’ rights and environmental protections.

‘I am sure I know which of these two futures we want to see.

‘It was a privilege and honour to be Hendon’s Member of Parliament for 13 years and I see my 20 year relationship with Hendon residents and Hendon CLP as priceless.

‘Many Party members and Hendon residents have been contacting me, urging me to stand in the election and I thank everyone for their touching support, encouragement and kind comments.

‘However, it is with regret that I have taken the extremely difficult decision that I will not be seeking your nomination as your Parliamentary candidate in this election. This is for personal reasons only and not a decision based on politics. The election has also come at a time when I am not in a position to give the 100% commitment to the campaign that I know is required and which you are entitled to expect from your candidate.

‘Rest assured I remain your London Assembly member and will of course continue to serve you and the people of Barnet and Camden in that capacity to the best of my ability.’