From Camden Council: Chalcots evacuation: Frequently asked questions

For the latest information:

  • We are keeping our news page and Twitter feed @camdentalking updated with the latest information
  • Contact Camden is available if residents don’t have access to the internet on 020 7974 4444

Should residents leave straight away?

  • Residents are being asked to pack a bag for between two and four weeks away from their home
  • Residents should leave as soon as they are ready, they do not need to wait for Camden Council staff to come to their door.

Is it compulsory for residents to evacuate?

  • Resident safety is our primary concern. London Fire Brigade have been clear that blocks are unsafe until remedial works are complete and as landlord we expect everyone to leave
  • We want to work with residents who are yet to evacuate and strongly encourage them to fix up temporary accommodation. We need to get the buildings emptied so we can start the work to make these tower blocks safe, so that everyone can return to their normal lives as soon as possible
  • If you live in Blashford tower then you do not need to evacuate. This is because the tower has been deemed safe.

Are these evacuations really necessary?

  • Following concerns raised by a joint inspection of the Chalcots estate with London Fire Brigade on Friday, we decided that some of the blocks needed to be urgently evacuated on a temporary basis. The Grenfell fire changes everything and we need to do all we can to keep our residents safe.

Will there be food, refreshments or showers at the rest centre this evening?

  • Swiss Cottage rest centre has accessible toilets, showers and changing facilities
  • Food and refreshments will be provided, including halal foods at the break of fast.

Are people getting an allowance?

  • Yes, evacuated residents will receive a £100 one-off payment which can be collected from Swiss Cottage rest centre. Those staying in hotels will also be able to charge £20 per person per day for food and essentials at their hotel.

What about mail?

  • We are going to work with Royal Mail to ensure that your post is safe and secure. Further information will be provided.

Do leaseholders need to evacuate too?

  • To ensure resident safety we are evacuating all residents from the designated blocks, this includes leaseholders.

Do I need to turn off appliances and gas?

  • Please turn off all electrical items except for fridges. We also ask that you turn off your gas if you know how.

What about freezers?

  • You do not need to turn off your fridge or freezer when you leave your home.

Do I need to pay my rent?

  • We will not be charging tenants rent or council tax whilst they are evacuated out of their homes.

Will there be restrictions on when you can return to collect personal items?

  • You will need to return during the day to your block, where you will be signed in by security. You will be allowed 30 minutes to collect personal items. Blocks will be closed at 10pm each night.

I registered at Swiss Cottage rest centre but still haven’t heard anything

  • Your details have been logged with our team and we are working through your requests, ensuring our most vulnerable residents get the assistance they need
  • Please remain with friends or family or in the rest centre whilst we work through the accommodation requests and do not return to your flat.

Will the gas be turned off in my block?

  • No, we will not be turning off the gas.