Brexiteer coup defenestrates Tory Councillors

Barnet Conservatives have lurched far to the right after a brutal selection coup saw three long serving moderate Councillors deselected, according to Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore. Joan Scannell (Edgware), Sury Khatri (Mill Hill) and Maureen Braun (Hendon) were deselected as Conservative candidates on the weekend, just seven weeks before the local Council elections.

Cllr Scannell, who was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2016 for her services to the borough, was Mayor of Barnet between 2002-2003. Cllr Braun was Mayor of Barnet between 2007-2008 and Cllr Khatri was Deputy Mayor between 2016-17.

Mr Dismore said:

‘I believe this is a coup by the Conservative far right Brexiteers to further the ambitions of Daniel Thomas, currently Deputy leader of the Council, who wants to lead the Conservative Group after the election. They have taken out three moderate Councillors because they are more independent-minded and open to debate.’

‘On a personal level I have known all three for many years and have a great deal of respect for their record of work for residents. It is sad that the Barnet Conservatives have no place for constituent-focussed backbenchers. They just want yes men who will comply with orders and won’t question them. Cllr Khatri in particular has been the only Conservative to Challenge the Capita privatisation.’