March Plenary answers

BCU mergers

Question No: 2018/ 0529                   

Andrew Dismore AM

How much do you expect to save as the result of the merger of Camden and Islington BCU; and how much do you expect to save once the roll out across London has been completed?.

Written response from the Mayor

The planned savings from the strengthening local policing programme in Camden and Islington is £4.3m and for the overall programme £73.4m.


Drop in value of Sterling and impact on GLA Procurement

Question No: 2018/0532

Andrew Dismore

What has been the impact on the GLA budget due to the drop in the value of Sterling?

Written answer from the Mayor

The GLA uses Transport for London’s (TfL) financial risk management tools to respond to currency fluctuations and TfL is working closely with its supply chain to deal with any cost risk.