Dismore questions Mayor over need for bus service consultation

At yesterday’s Mayor’s Question Time, Andrew Dismore AM, Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden questioned London Mayor Sadiq Khan over the need for better consultation on changes to bus services.  Whilst routes that are to be discontinued or rerouted are the subject of consultation timetable changes are not. (video here)

Mr Dismore told the Mayor:

In Barnet and Camden we have seen significant cuts to the bus services: if there is a consultation, for example on the complete cut of a route like the original route 13 it’s outcomes are ignored; but if there are frequency  reductions, there is no consultation at all, which is then compounded if there are several routes cut this way at different times. For example, Golders Green to Finchley Road via Childs Hill has had an 8% reduction; and Finchley Road to Park Road via Swiss Cottage has had an 18% reduction. Don’t you think people should have their views heard on cuts of this scale?’

The Mayor said that if there were fewer passengers, TfL will provide fewer buses, after the loss of Government Grant. The object is to improve reliability. The unlimited hopper fare also has helped. Reducing the number of routes on Oxford Street for pedestrianisation means more can be provided in outer London.

Mr Dismore responded to the Mayor, adding:

‘If we are to persuade people to switch from cars to public transport, it is not just a question of reliability but frequency, and as for the renumbered route 13, I have never ending complaints about the poor service on the route.’

Childs Hill Labour Councillor Anne Clarke added:

‘Two very popular bus routes, the 13 and C11 are greatly impacted by these changes. As our local population increases through a variety of building projects, having good public transport routes is vital. The C11 is packed at all times of the day, reducing the frequency may have the unfortunate result of more people driving to Brent Cross Shopping Centre.’


Notes to editors:

Bus services affecting Barnet and Camden that have seen improvements or increased service:

  • 113 frequency increased
  • 139 route extended to Golders Green
  • 125 proposed extension from Church End to Colindale

Bus routes with service cuts or scrapped within Barnet and Camden:

  • 82 bus “scrapped”, but in reality 13 bus route scrapped, and number reassigned to 82
  • 73 bus has had reduced frequency
  • C11 frequency reduced
  • 384 bus serving East Barnet and JCOSS has reduced frequency
  • 303/305 routes merged
  • Route 23 has been cut twice, first service between Aldwych and Liverpool Street cut, then effectively became a new route, terminating service between Paddington and Aldwych.

Bus routes from Barnet and Camden with service cuts elsewhere:

  • 83 route scrapped service between Alperton and Ealing Hospital
  • 189 service between Marble Arch and Oxford Circus cut
  • 8 service no longer terminates at Oxford Circus
  • 390 diverted to Victoria from Marble Arch, service to Notting Hill Gate cut

Weekend Night bus service cuts:

  • Route 24 service halved, and capacity is set to be over 100%
  • 134 cut from 5 buses per hour to 2
  • N5 cut from 6 services per hour to 2
  • N20 cut from 6 services per hour to 2
  • N29 cut from 18 services per hour to 7.5, bus capacity to be over 100%
  • 453 cut from 5 services per hour to 4, taking bus capacity from 106% to 133%

Main areas with reduced service:

Golders Green -> Childs Hill -> Finchley Road

reduction from 25 to 23 services per hour (8% reduction)

Finchley Road -> Swiss Cottage -> St Johns Wood -> Park Road

reduction from 27 buses per hour to 22 (18% reduction)