Notes of meeting with TfL on tube noise 13/7/18

Tufnell Park

  • TfL have advised residents to call or email the helpline to register complaints in one place, they will then take readings. If problems persist, more readings should be requested by residents.
  • QUESTION: What has happened to the stretch of track between Kentish Town and Tufnell Park? What work was done and when?
  • ACTION: TfL to update on what action is being taken and when; and what noise remeasuring is happening.

Mornington Crescent

  • TfL have installed 960 units of Pandrol Vanguard pads under the tracks out of the promised 980, and have either completed or are near to completing. However, this is only on the Bank Branch Line; since this work has taken place noise from the Charing Cross branch has increased and/or become apparent, so residents have had little benefit as mitigation has not worked on just the Bank line.
  • It is not possible to install pads everywhere for technical reasons, and the plan for the pads is to install them along very short stretches.
  • QUESTION: What more works can feasibly be done here to reduce noise?
  • ACTION: TfL will provide an update on what mitigation works will be done on the Charing Cross Line, and provide a timescale.

Kentish Town

  • 5 km of track has been done in the tunnel sections between Patshull Road and Hawley Road northbound, they are starting on the 0.5 km southbound, and are due to complete the work on 23rd August. TfL will then remeasure noise levels to see if the mitigation has worked; and if not what other options there are.
  • ACTION: TfL to update AD on progress of works, and re-evaluation of impact of work after their completion on August 23rd.

Golders Green

  • This is a new set of complaints around Wellgarth Road, and at the entrance to the tunnel.
  • QUESTION: Why have complaints cropped up here? What works have been done here and when?
  • ACTION: TfL to identify cause of noise, and establish remedial plan.

Finchley Central

  • Work was done here very recently, and noise complaints of ‘screeching’ have been made. TfL say that rail lubrication may be the answer.
  • ACTION: TfL to inform Andrew Dismore of plan to mitigate noise.
  • (non noise: timetabling of Mill Hill East shuttle interchange with trains coming into Finchley Central to ensure they wait for passengers changing: TfL will pass on to relevant department)

Victoria Line

Fitzroy Square

  • At Fitzroy Square, noise mitigation works were stopped because loud noise within the carriages prompted complaints from passengers and drivers. However, AD pointed out that for residents, the noise is constant throughout the day, whereas for commuters it is a few seconds twice a day, and the residents complaints should be prioritised.
  • ACTION: TfL to investigate completing and extending remedial works; and to report back to AD.

Levita House

  • The resident is currently away, but upon return new noise levels will be taken to follow up.

General issues

  • It was discussed whether trains could be run slower during the night tube, but TfL was concerned that this would have a financial impact on performance, as choice is to have more services running slower but with same frequency which requires additional resources, or fewer trains an hour, which reduces viability and performance.
  • It was discussed whether a bespoke grinding machine is deliverable (previous MQS refers). TfL do not believe this is likely to be effective as it only provides temporary relief. It is better to remove joints and install vanguard pads. This is what they are currently doing.
  • It was discussed why TfL were continuing with the roll out of concrete sleepers. TfL have changed the materials used to provide better sound insulation on new works. It is not feasible to relay all previous track work, nor to return to wooden sleepers and bull head rail, which would not be able safely to take the volume of services now being run anyway.
  • There have been 780 noise complaints across London, of which 180 are unresolved. Resourcing is not an issue, but there are severe engineering and practical issues with resolving some complaints. The tunnels are very old, and are not suited to some engineering solutions.