Dismore questions Police Commissioner and Mayor over post Brexit security

At today’s City Hall Plenary meeting Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore AM questioned Cressida Dick the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and Mayor Sadiq Khan over post Brexit policing and security.

Mr Dismore asked the Commissioner:

‘With the Brexit negotiations deadline rapidly approaching, what would be the impact of a no deal Brexit on the Capital’s security and resilience?

‘If there is a no-deal Brexit, the National Police Coordination Centre have warned that Metropolitan Police Officers who are non -British EU nationals, currently 820 of them, could lose their warrant cards. Could you explain why, and what the consequences of this would be?’

The Commissioner said that the consequences were hard to predict. There are a number of instruments the police use, some automatic, some very fast. “No Deal” would make them unusable, or slower or more expensive and would be used more sparingly. More officers would be would be needed for key inquiries. They are planning with others for emergency shortages of goods, delays on motorways, protests and so on. This is being done in a calm way with sensible planning. The NPCC have said that, but she thought it was an unthinkable scenario, which she didn’t think would happen. The police have large numbers of police staff too, who are unsettled by this, but bring a lot to our diversity.

Mr Dismore asked the Mayor:

‘Given your Brexit 6 red lines on policing, do you think the Conservative Government understands or cares about the implications a no-deal or bad deal Brexit would have for Londoners’ safety and security?’

The Mayor said that he was in Brussels on Friday, and met with the head of security in the EU who is British, but which will no longer be the case after Brexit. We need to get the best we can. His views on a public Brexit vote are well known. Certain things will slow down. The Government understand the need for a deal and the importance of collaboration.



  • Andrew Dismore is the Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden
  • The Mayor of London has set out 6 red lines in relation to Brexit. The UK must keep access to:
  1.  The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) –enables vital intelligence sharing to help combat serious crimes including terrorism, money laundering and human trafficking.
  2.  The European Arrest Warrant – allows Member States to extradite people to stand trial or serve a sentence. Losing it would make it harder to bring suspects back to the UK to face justice.
  3.   The Schengen Information System II –means countries can share information on people and property through real-time alerts. It was consulted 3.9 billion times in 2016 by Member States and Associated Countries.
  4.   EU Passenger Name Records –allow the UK Border Agency to check passenger details against watch-lists, making it harder for organised criminals and terrorists to hide their movements.
  5. 5.   The European Criminal Records Information System –gives the UK access to criminal records throughout the EU, critical in understanding the risk certain individuals represent.
  6.   The Prüm arrangements –allow authorities to instantly access DNA profiles, fingerprint data and vehicle registrations.[1]

[1] Sadiq Khan, Mayor’s sex security red liens on Brexit: Press Release, October 2017, accessed 07/12/17.