TfL finally agree Stirling Corner safety measures

 Transport for London (TfL) have finally given the go ahead to improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians at Stirling Corner by introducing a crossing at the A1 Barnet Way/ Stirling Corner (south side).  Residents have expressed concern about the speed of motor traffic around A1 Stirling Corner and as a result the speed limit was reduced from 70mph to 50mph. This had led to a reduction in the number of accidents.

 The crossing will improve access to shops and facilities in Borehamwood, and improve access to the residential areas between Barnet Way and Barnet Road. To install this crossing, the carriageway will be widened and the pavement will be resurfaced to include tactile paving, a textured surface which is used to assist people with visual impairments. No vegetation will be removed during construction. Subject to funding, TfL aim to complete works in 2020.

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore welcomed the news, saying:

 ‘This campaign is a labour of love for me, as I started working on it over 20 years ago when I was MP for Hendon. I don’t know how many meetings, written questions or site visits I have had on this, but it is worth it when we get the final result. I used to badger Boris Johnson when he said he would cycle around it, but as expected he never kept his promise. But after all these years it is great to see Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan deliver much needed improvements to safety.’

Underhill Councillor Jess Brayne added:

‘This is excellent news, especially for the people of Arkley Park. Many of them feel forgotten and ignored, but I hope this demonstrates that we are listening to them and delivering better safety. We know how important this is to them and the Labour team have been working hard to make progress. We won’t stop, and will keep pestering TfL to make sure it is funded.’

Fellow Underhill Councillor Tim Roberts also added:

‘It is unfair for the people of Arkley Park to have to drive the barely 100 yards from their homes to the Morrisons on the other corner just to go shopping. For years they have been able to see the supermarket, but it has simply been unsafe to walk there. I hope this will finally change from 2020.’

Stirling CornerFigure 1 Andrew Dismore AM with Cllr Tim Roberts and Cllr Jess Brayne as Stirling Corner



  • Andrew Dismore is the Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden