Glengall Road Post Office under threat

The Post Office in Glengall Road, Edgware is due to close on Friday 29th March, due to the resignation of the postmaster. The Post Office have been unable to recruit and train a new postmaster in time. Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore says the closure is inconvenient for local residents.

In a letter to the Post Office, Mr Dismore asked how long the closure would last, and whether a new temporary post office could be opened for the local community.

Mr Dismore said:

‘This Post Office serves the community who live north of the A41 in Edgware, who are somewhat isolated because of the busy main roads so this is a popular and important local facility. The Post Office should be providing a temporary service nearby to ensure people do not have to travel to Apex Corner or Edgware, which are a long way away and difficult to access on foot.

‘One of the reasons I have consistently campaigned against franchising Post Offices is this type of disruption. If a key member of staff leaves, it is not possible to redeploy staff from another site with relevant training. The Post Office should have better contingency plans in the future, should this happen again elsewhere.’