100,000 sign “revoke Article 50” petition in Barnet and Camden

100,000 people have signed the on line Parliamentary petition to revoke Article 50, which would end the Brexit process, in the Barnet and Camden London Assembly constituency. Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore welcomed the news, saying that it showed how strong people’s concerns over Brexit are.

As at 1pm on Tuesday 26th March, 45,674 signatures had been received in Barnet and in Camden, 54,412, a total of 100,086, and still rising.

Andrew Dismore AM said:

‘The number of people signing this petition is record breaking, and in Barnet and Camden the numbers speak for themselves. After more than a million people marched in London over the weekend, it’s time Theresa May listened to the public for once, instead of giving in to the hardline Brextremists in the ERG.

‘This issue is vital to the future of Barnet and Camden, with our universities, museums, hospitals, theatres and businesses being dependent on frictionless European trade and migration. The public here know that and they want political leaders on their side. But sadly Barnet Conservatives select hardline ERG members like Theresa Villiers and Matthew Offord. Their newly selected London Assembly candidate has said nothing on this, the most important issue of the day, except to vote against discussing Brexit in Barnet Council meetings. Last time, my opponent Cllr Dan Thomas refused to explain his position on Brexit, then surprise surprise after the election he came out as a hardline Brexiteer. I wonder if history is repeating itself.’