Response from Environment Agency on flooding in the Silkstream

Thank you for your email of 28 May 2019 to our Chief Executive, Sir James Bevan. James has read your email and has asked me to respond on his behalf. He will also receive a copy of this response.

We are currently undertaking a review of options with our consultants to reduce flood risk within the Silk Stream catchment. This assessment is due to be completed in Summer 2019 and will make recommendations of what steps should be taken to reduce flood risk in Colindeep Lane and the catchment as a whole.

Following flooding in 2015, we undertook a preliminary study of the catchment to look for options to reduce flood risk. We concluded that new flood modelling was required to fully understand flood risk in the catchment and therefore make meaningful recommendations about what we can do to reduce this risk.

Our modelling study was completed in Spring 2019. It gives us updated information about how the river network responds to flood events and a better understanding of what can be done to reduce flood risk in the future.

We have now funded a catchment wide review of flood risk in the Silk Stream catchment. Working with partners, including the London Borough of Barnet, we will make use of the best available information to make recommendations regarding the potential for flood alleviation schemes and other measures to reduce flood risk in the catchment.

The review is due to be completed in Summer 2019. Early indications suggest that any options that do come forward are likely to involve a number of smaller interventions rather than a single, large scale flood scheme. With this in mind, we are continuing to work with the London Borough of Barnet and other partners to maximise the potential of local development, highways and park schemes to make room for flood water.

I will be happy to update you with further information once the current review has been completed and we have a clearer picture of the best available options for reducing risk in Colindeep Lane.