Shock figures show extent of child poverty in Barnet

Stark new figures shown nearly half of all children in some parts of Barnet live in poverty, according to a new study by the End Child Poverty Campaign. Overall, 35% of children in Barnet live in poverty, once housing costs are taken into account. However, some part of the borough have significantly higher levels, such as Colindale, at 50%, Golders Green, at 48%, Edgware and Burnt Oak at 44%, Childs Hill at 43% and West Hendon at 42%.

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore said:

‘These figures are shocking, and they should serve as a wakeup call. Once housing costs are taken into account, the level of child poverty more than doubles. Having a roof over your head is a basic human right, and that it is so expensive demonstrates how bad the housing crisis affects children in particular. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is making a good start, by taking on developers and making sure they deliver affordable homes, by encouraging the building of thousands of new social rent homes across London and he has taken on Barnet Council, who have no interest whatsoever in delivering affordable housing.’

Barnet Labour Group Leader Cllr Barry Rawlings added:

‘Even in leafy Totteridge, the level of child poverty is 28% including housing costs. There are so many reasons for this, including the harsh benefits reforms by the Conservatives and Lib Dem coalition, taken to their extreme under the Conservatives. But also the low wage economy and rise of zero-hour contract working are factors. I am pleased to see that a Labour Government will bring in a real living wage and commit the funding to build desperately needed new council homes.’



Ward % of children in poverty % of children in poverty inc. housing costs
West Hendon 19.4% 42%
Hale 18.8% 39%
Golders Green 21.1% 48%
Burnt Oak 19.7% 44%
West Finchley 14.3% 27%
High Barnet 10.1% 23%
Finchley Church End 14.4% 31%
Oakleigh 13.7% 30%
Underhill 13.1% 33%
East Finchley 13.5% 29%
East Barnet 12.8% 28%
Colindale 27.1% 50%
Childs Hill 20.8% 43%
Totteridge 12.7% 28%
Edgware 21.7% 44%
Garden Suburb 13.8% 31%
Mill Hill 16.1% 36%
Brunswick Park 13.7% 28%
Hendon 17.1% 34%
Woodhouse 15.6% 32%
Coppetts 17.6% 33%
BARNET 16.7% 35%